Conflict of laws

Conflict of laws — «коллизия права» — is a situation when the laws of two or more jurisdictions have contradictory views on the subject matter.

Generally, Russian courts apply Russian law (lex fori) to determine procedural matters (art. 3 of the Code of Commercial Procedure), the law of nationality (lex patriae) to define legal status and capacity of persons (art. 1202 of the Civil Code), the law of the state in which an object is situated (lex situs) to determine the question of title (art. 1206 of the Civil Code) and the law of the place where performance occurs (lex loci solutionis) to determine the law applicable to a contract (art. 1211 of the Civil Code).

However, the parties may chose the law of the contract (art. 1210 of the Civil Code).