Default judgment

A default judgement is entered against a party who has failed to defend against a claim brought by another party: if one party to a suit does not respond to a complaint in the time set by law, the party is deemed to lose the case and the judgement by default may be entered either by the clerk or the court.

Russian legal system is not adversarial, even though it claims to be (see art. 9 of the Code of Commercial Procedure). Thus, there is no Russian equivalent of «default judgement» and, unless otherwise required by context, we have to use a descriptive translation and turn two English words into a whole sentence in Russian — «судебное решение в пользу истца вследствие непредставления ответчиком своей позиции по делу».

In our opinion «заочное решение» as it exists in Russian law in many essential respects is not the same as «default judgement» and good translators should resist the temptation to equate these two different concepts.