Why RussianLegalTranslator.Com?

We understand what we translate. Translation is not a substitution of words. Rather, as Vladimir Nabokov said, it is ‘the slow journey at night from one village to the next with only a candle for illumination’. That is why we concentrate on one thing and one thing only - translation, mostly of a business and legal nature, between the Russian and English languages.

It is no coincidence that Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ was translated by Mikhail Vladislavlev, himself a philosopher and the rector of St. Petersburg University. Marx’s ‘Capital’ wouldn't have been understood and - who knows? - the Social Revolution in Russia might not have taken place if the book had been translated by a linguist-generalist, not by an economist and a socialist.

We write well. Good translation is not only meticulously accurate. It must be well written. The notion that a worthy idea must be wrapped in appropriate language runs deeply in our consciousness. We believe that there is a link between the quality of an idea and the quality of its expression. Yet too often translated texts are so hideous that it takes a great deal of determination to actually read them.

In RussianLegalTranslator.Com, we believe that translation shouldn’t be seen. A reader shouldn’t have to stumble over unusual grammar or an awkward choice of words.

We are efficient. We believe that translation is a ‘rucksack problem’. In other words, a translator must be able to obtain the best possible result with limited resources. That is why we work fast and charge fairly.